compare data in two worksheets and highlight matches

Compare each row in two similarly structured dataset and find out differences. It compares each row in both datasets (sheets) and then compares data in each cell to find out variances in existing row level data. All is done with famous and easy to use tool called Microsoft Excel.

Have you ever come across a need to compare two datasets while working in worlds most favorite spreadsheet application: Microsoft Excel?

I am sure you have tried Formulas and Function: VLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH, they do pretty good JOB but does get the job 100% Done.

What if you wanted to analyze data and compare it thoroughly, for e.g. Compare data at each CELL Level and find out the variances? Finding out ADDED Data rows and deleted Data rows?

Well, my compare data workbook (Excel VBA) does that with a few clicks. Please see complete YouTube Tutorials playlist as linked below to find out how to use this workbook step by step

Introducing Version 3 with Tons of Improvements.

Now with Full Written Instructions and Comprehensive Video tutorial (check it out below)

Play Video

Key Features

1. Compare two similar structured data sets (like Payroll data, employee database, any other form of columnar and structured data) with few clicks of buttons

2. It is an MS Excel Workbook with very brilliant VBA Code. It compared two datasets by each row and gives you variances in form of ADDED Data, Deleted Data and MOST importantly, data which has changed between two data sets you are trying to compare.

3. It highlights each cell with changes so that you can determine and do a very deep analysis of your data set.

Download Now at this workbook at the tremendous value which will not last for long, it has limited availability, so please take action before this workbook is sold out at this price within a few days. I am pretty much sure you will save hours in your work by taking the right DECISION to buy this product!


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  1. can u teach me vba code specific to my needs?

    1. I have contacted you privately via email, please check your mailbox to find out! Thank you

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