Get a Unique Excel Financial Model for startup

Are you thinking of a startup?

Don’t think further before you have read this post,  I have a perfect tool for you to avoid major mistakes with your Business growth, Cashflow and finances forecasts.  It is a Unique Excel Financial Model designed to project Business Growth and Cashflow for a year

  • For Small to Medium-sized businesses, it is utmost important to manage crucial business KPIs and forecasting these KPIs correctly could be a real lifesaver!
  • That’s why it is always wise to model your business case for these KPIs and this Unique Excel Financial Model is created just for that purpose
  • Wait you might be thinking, I need to have Accounting and Financial knowledge to make any kind of forecast? well, NO.
  • You don’t have to know basics of finance and accounting at all, all you need is basic business knowledge and understand very basic terms like Revenue (Sales), Cost of Sales, overheads, Interest costs, Gross Profit, Net Profit and Cash requirements!
  • You can use this Financial Model made in a well-known spreadsheet application: Microsoft Excel

Liquidity CF
  • For Startup and even for existing business, liquidity and funds requirement is always a crucial issue
  • But if you are confident with your business idea and you have a solid product or service to offer, you can surely obtain the necessary funding
  • With this Unique Excel Financial Model, you can present your business plan to investors, bankers, venture capitalists, and more AND sound knowledgeable and confident in your business.a


If your business or startup is in the following industries, you need this forecast model:

  • FMCG
  • Restaurants
  • Consulting
  • E-commerce
  • Seasonal business
  • And more

Hi, My Name is Prashant. I am an Accounting and Finance Professional and an Excel Expert.

I love helping people to automate Workflow with most common available tool to their disposal: Microsoft Excel 

Get a Unique Excel Financial Model for startup 1

Following important KPIs can be modelled for the future forecast with this Unique Excel Financial Model: 

  • Sales and Revenue 
  • Cost of Goods Sold and Gross Profit for each of your products/services
  • Other Direct Costs
  • Inventory Balances 
  • Net Profit 
  • And most importantly, a Cashflow performance which can predict the future of your business!

Cash Has always been the KING!


Often startups and small businesses miscalculate the importance of Cash for smooth operations and growth


It is an understandable tendency to provide more credit to customers to increase your credit sales and overall sales being competitive, but if you are cautious enough, it can lead to the closure of business as well 


Same goes with not getting enough credit from your suppliers of business if you are paying in advance from your main materials (goods and services forming part of your cost of sales), and you have generous credit granted to you customers, you are inviting nothing but troubles for your dream business


Therefore, you must forecast Cashflow of your business well and With this Unique Excel Financial Model, you can easily forecast key factors and indicators that affect cash flow, including:



  • Cash collections from your customer – How much credit you should give to your customers without raising your risk significantly.
  • Cash collection prediction becomes even more crucial when you have a seasonal business plan. This model lets you predict and forecast your cash collections for your peak and low seasons.
  • Cash payments to your suppliers – Suppliers are as important as customers. We’ll show you how you should negotiate with your suppliers to give you optimum credit to ensure the overall cash position of your business is always positive
  • In case you run out of cash for any reason, you can set up a revolving line of credit with your bank to provide you with a temporary line of credit or bank overdraft. This model lets you forecast that as well, so you can clearly view how much temporary funding will be required in case the business is not performing well while still maintaining operations at a base level.
  • If you are borrowing temporarily, you must keep in mind the cost of interest. This model lets you forecast interest expenditures as well and shows you how to manage your credit effectively.
Cash is king

Without further delay, Introducing amazing Financial Forecast Model in Excel, watch this complete video tutorial on how to use this model for your business effectively 

Unique Excel Financial Model
Play Video
Get a Unique Excel Financial Model for startup 2

Even if you are a seasoned finance professional like:

  • Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Auditor
  • Financial Modeller

You can save plenty of time by using this model, and not working from scratch 

Wait, I have surprise for you!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could learn how to build this very model from scratch? 

Introducing Online Course on building this Unique Excel Financial Model, the course dives into it more in detail like

  • Basics of Excel formulas and Function and other Excel tools used in Model

  • Basics of Finance and Accounting (highly recommended)

  • Excel Charts and dashboards for stunning visualisation and much more 

you’ll understand the principles behind the model so you can use it over and over again AND sound knowledgeable when discussing your business’ finances with others. 

Get a Unique Excel Financial Model for startup 3

Check out this video for complete Course Outline and Roadmap

Financial Modelling - Online Course
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Get a Unique Excel Financial Model for startup 4

As startup or small business, you might also need to forecast some essential financial factors to have optimized decision making process!

  • Fixed assets and depreciation could be tricky to manage if you don’t have fancy accounting software, for that I have designed advanced Excel Fixed Assets and Depreciation template, click here to know more 
  • Prepaid expenditure like Insurance for business risk coverage, life insurances for employees, prepaid expenditure for lease rentals of properties, subscription or any kind of expenditure amortization can be easily modeled and automated with this Pro Excel Prepaid Expenditure template, click here to know more


Don’t make mistakes in your Dream startup! 

Forecast your business growth and Cashflow Accurately with this Unique Excel Financial Model 

Download Now and get this template with Additional discount! 

Unique Excel Financial Model

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