PRO Excel Depreciation Template which is ready and easy to use (straight-line method)

Straight line method of depreciation is a most common method of depreciation around the world and the easiest to apply and understand.

If you want to understand depreciation accounting, tax implication of depreciation on your business and profits, various methods of depreciation, please click below to check out and enrol into my Accounting For Depreciation with Advanced Excel Model Course.

Online Course: Accounting For Depreciation with Advanced Excel Model

But creating a robust and practical Depreciation and amortization model is not easy especially when you are not advanced Excel user. Even if the Straight-line method of depreciation is easy to understand, in a practical scenario, there are always scenarios where a good and simple Depreciation model in Excel is the best solution for you. 

I have created this model from scratch and it takes care of all real-life scenarios which you would face for small to medium-sized businesses. It has the following features:

  • Calculates accurate depreciation from exact purchase or use date of your assets
  • You can start using this model even if your assets are purchased in the previous period, just input information as per instructions and you will have accurate deprecation and accumulative depreciation as on date.
  • It computes exact amount of Profit or loss if your assets are deposed off or sold off during its useful life or at the end of assets lifespan…
  • Easily carry forward the balances to the next financial year with just a few clicks (explained in instructional videos)
  • This model is the perfect tool for Fixed assets and depreciation forecasting in the Business budgeting process

Instructional Videos (How to use the template)

Who can take benefit of this model the most?

  • Accountants who want to sharpen their practical accounting Knowledge for Fixed Assets and depreciation Accounting
  • Auditors who want to audit effectively for Fixed assets and depreciation for their clients
  • Analysts and Financial modelling professionals can use this model to predict Depreciation and tax shield impact of the business/ventures
  • Non-Accounting professional/Entrepreneurs who want to estimate the impact of depreciation on their investment and Profit and Loss over a fixed term (usually assets useful life)
  • Please do not forget to watch complete video playlist below to know how to use this model 

So what are you waiting for? Click the button and get this template now! 

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